CQR GEN2.0 (R) Buttstock TAN

A state compliant version of the CQR Gen 2 buttstock


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Experience Hera Arm’s renown CQR Gen. 2 in its New York and California compliant restricted version. The CQR Gen 2. buttstock the ultimate lightweight AR-15 buttstock engineered to redefine your shooting experience. Crafted with precision engineering and unparalleled attention to detail, our next-generation buttstock seamlessly combines functionality with ergonomic excellence, making it the perfect choice for any AR-15 enthusiast.


Discover unparalleled comfort with our ergonomically shaped handle, ensuring a perfect fit for shooters of all hand sizes. The adjustable shoulder rest provides personalized support, allowing you to achieve optimal shooting posture with ease. Equipped with QD eyelets, our buttstock enables swift and secure attachment of sling swivels, enhancing your versatility on the field.


Engineered to perfection, our CQR Gen. 2 buttstock effortlessly integrates with standard A2 buffer tubes, delivering enhanced stability and control without sacrificing maneuverability. With an extended length of pull sitting at 11″ out of the box, you have the flexibility to adapt to any shooting scenario with confidence.


Available in classic black, tan, and green finishes, the CQR Gen. 2 buttstock is the epitome of versatility and style. Elevate your shooting performance with our lightweight AR-15 buttstock, designed to meet the demands of the modern shooter. Restricted state versions have a machined plate blocking off the access hole of the butt stock to meet local laws.


***These stocks are not compatible with AR-10 rifles***


All our polymer products are manufactured on our own injection molds in Lower Franconia, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.

Additional information

Weight 21.9 oz


MATERIAL: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
WEIGHT: 1lb .3 oz
MODEL: CQR CA GEN 2.0 Buttstock-Tan


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