Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2024

Hera USA’s staff recommendations for any shooting enthusiast fathers and father-figures in your life



Struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad who seems to have everything? Why not treat him to an unforgettable experience? Consider signing him up for a tactical training session where he can enhance his shooting skills alongside like-minded enthusiasts. Recently, I had the privilege of attending the “Martial Application of the Rifle” course at Student of the Gun University (SOTGU), led by the experienced Paul Markel. The veteran-run program SOTGU offers a range of training programs, from handgun to self-defense courses, ensuring there’s something to suit every shooter’s interests. Plus, these programs are mainly hosted in Wyoming and Utah, allowing for maximum enjoyment of your Second Amendment freedoms. Stay tuned for my upcoming review!


The Practical Dad understands that even firearms like the AR-15, which aren’t nearly as loud as–for example–a 50 caliber rifle, gunshots can still pose risks to hearing over time. During my rifle training, my Apple Watch repeatedly alerts me to the dangers of hearing damage, even though I primarily shoot using a 5.56 caliber rifle. To prepare for the course, I invested in this budget solution: Shellshock Protection’s Premium Eye & Ear Combo.


Encourage Dad’s DIY spirit with a rifle build, starting with Hera’s H7 chassis. Compatible with Ruger 10/22, Remington 700/Bergara, and Howa 1500 systems, this chassis provides the perfect foundation for a lightweight rifle flexing a sleek design and comfortable cheek weld. Delivered with two spacers and an AICS compatible 5-round magazine, the H7 shaft features an aluminum V-block and forend. Available in black, tan, and OD green, it seamlessly integrates with most tuning triggers and boasts M-Lok mounts for versatile accessory attachment.


Premium rifle bags are the perfect gift for dads who are novice shooters looking to build up their starter kit or for dads who recently purchased a new rifle. Treat him to a Hera Gear premium rifle bag, the essential accessory for any range day (available in 33″ and 42″ lengths). Make dad feel extra special by filling the bag with extra goodies like magazines, ammo, speed loaders, a rifle strap, or a cleaning kit.

All Hera premium rifle bags are now on sale for 15% with the code FATHERSDAY15, offer expires 6/17 so don’t miss out!


Does your dad have a discerning taste when it comes to his firearm setup? Consider adding a silencer to his collection. Silencers offer more than just stealth—they reduce recoil, provide hearing protection, and minimize noise pollution in residential areas and hunting grounds. Once he experiences the benefits, he’ll wonder how he ever shot without one. The Hera staff recommends to you DeadAir Silencer’s Nomad L for .30 calibers.


Ballistic helmets are often neglected in tactical kits. If your dad is a tactical shooter or prepper consider a ballistic helmet and ensure his safety. Experts agree that protecting the brain should be the top priority, and the OPS-CORE FAST SF HIGH CUT HELMET SYSTEM offers superior protection, comfort, and versatility with its mission-configurable design.


Have any other firearm gifts you recommend gifting to our dads? Let us know by contacting us and we’ll be sure to shoutout your suggestion on our social media!