Hera Arms Celebrates Summer’s Last Farewell

September 2023   Dear Hera Arms Recreational Shooters—and everyone else,   As the calendar turns again, we gear up for the excitement of welcoming another school year and the vibrant fall season of change and harvest. This time of transition and preparation isn’t just about school buses rolling through the neighborhood or Labor Day barbecues…

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Men in camouflage with firearms trees in the background

Taking Your AK-47 to the Next Level Choosing components that are well suited for both your firearm and your own skill and preferences is more important than many realize. When it comes to customizing your AK-47, deciding which buttstock to outfit it with is a crucial decision. The right buttstock will not only elevate the look and…

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Remembering & Honoring Our Fallen Heroes On Memorial Day As Memorial Day approaches, we take time to come together and honor those who have given their lives in the defense of our most sacred rights. We owe these brave service men and women our deepest respects, and our most sincere appreciation and gratitude. While it…

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New Rifles, Hollywood Films & Upgrades For Your Firearm

Introducing the new H6 from Hera Arms

HERA Germany launches new H6! Once in a while a new opportunity comes along in the firearm industry that blows our fans away! HERA Germany just launched a new rifle, the H6 and fans all over the world are geeking out about this product. Before you ask, no its not available in the US, yet.…

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Hera Arms Steel Nightmare 2022

Hera Steel Nightmare

Hera Steel Nightmare 2022 took place July 15-17, 2022 in Philippsburg. We were there to accompany the event. What started as an idea in 2019 has now become an indispensable competition in sportive shooting. The Hera Steel Nightmare has now been held in Philippsburg for the fourth time in a row, and the event has…

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The Civilian

At this year’s IWA, Hera Arms presented the new “C” generation of self-loading rifles in 9 mm Luger. This series is available in two barrel lengths and is approved for sport shooting in Germany. The company Hera Arms produces AR-15 rifles in caliber .223 Remington and semi-automatic. Due to the legal situation, however, the latter…

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Hera Arms The15th AR-15

Hera Arms from Triefenstein manufactures its own AR rifles with the exception of some small parts, including the barrels (.223: 1/9″ twist) and the components made of polymer. In addition to .223 Remington, 300 BLK and 9 mm Luger calibers are also available. Optionally with or without locking aid and usually equipped with a safety…

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