Triarii – H&K SFP 9

MATERIAL: Aluminum
WEIGHT: 2.24 lbs
COATING: Anodized
COLOR : Black


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Hera’s Triarii transforms Heckler & Koch SFP 9 pistols into carbines, serving as a vital accessory for optimizing your handgun’s capabilities. This H&K P30 carbine conversion kit swiftly turns your pistol into a sleek carbine without altering the original firearm. Just insert the pistol and secure it with the rotating mechanism. The adaptable buttstock angle guarantees a snug and comfortable grip, even when wearing helmets or hearing protection. Equipped with Picatinny rails and designed to accommodate AR15 buttstocks (SBR) and pistol braces, enjoy unmatched versatility and precision.


This is the carbine converter made exclusively for the H&K SFP 9. Shop here for the carbine pistol converter for the H&K P30L and here for the H&K P30. 


Crafted exclusively for Hera Arms in Franconia, Germany,  in order to uphold the highest quality and performance standards.

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Weight 42.92 oz


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