Unlock Your Firepower: Unleash Your Inner Marksman with Hera Arms Accessories for Aspiring Shooters and Enthusiasts!

Dear Hera Arms Community,

As we approach the end of another memorable summer, I find myself filled with anticipation for what the autumn months may bring—whether it be hunting season, or the beginning of new gun builds during the cold, quiet months. As the days grow shorter and the air carries that familiar hint of a fresh season, we’re at the precipice of new beginnings. It’s the ‘Last Blast’ of Summer, so make it an exhilarating time that leads to the thrill of next adventures and a continuation of the journey some of you just began into the world of firearms.

I’m Chris Bieling, the CEO of Hera USA, and I extend my warmest welcome to all new hobbyist gunsmiths and DIY enthusiasts joining our family. I’m personally thrilled about your interest in the intricacies of firearms and the sense of accomplishment that comes from hitting your first target. If you’re a beginner, know this: we all started somewhere and, much like you, I was once a novice filled with curiosity and determination.

Our vision at Hera Arms has always been to nurture this curiosity, guide beginners, and provide resources to hobbyist gunsmiths and DIY enthusiasts—as well as experienced shooters—alike. As we bid farewell to the summer, I invite you to make Hera Arms your choice for growing, learning, and mastering the art of firearms.

At Hera Arms, we are committed to providing not just high-quality firearms but also a robust range of precision-crafted accessories. Manufactured to the highest standards in Germany, our selection signifies a seamless fusion of precision, durability, and craftsmanship.




Featured: Hera Arms Accessories

Our Hera AGS offers adjustable gas pressure, ideal for avoiding unnecessary wear and tear when using a silencer or reloaded ammunition. Enhance your shooting experience with the HERA SFU Folding Shaft Adapter and training suppressor. Additionally, we offer low-profile gas blocks, a robust aluminum magazine clamp, and Premium Billeted uppers that you can explore for further customization.

I encourage you to discover our Ambi Mag Release, a bolt-on front sight post, and our fiber-reinforced polymer M-lock to Picatinny Rail Adaptors. All these accessories are investments in your skill development, safety, and overall shooting experience.

I’m confident that as you embark on your journey, you’ll experience the joy of building a firearm that is truly your own, utilizing our extensive selection of parts. A “You-engineered” weapon is something to be incredibly proud of, and at Hera Arms, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

As we transition into the cooler, crisp days of autumn, I and the entire team at Hera Arms look forward to being part of your exciting journey. The end of summer does not signify an end, but a thrilling new chapter, and there’s no better time to embark on this journey than now.

Enjoy the remaining warm, sunny days of the season, and here’s to a safe, rewarding shooting experience that awaits you in the months to come.

Happy Shooting,

Chris Bieling