black H6 rifle with scope

The H6: A Rifle To Trump All Rifles

The wait is finally over as our brand new H6 rifle has finally been revealed! We couldn’t be more satisfied with the way this addition to our catalog came out and are incredibly excited for our community to experience the sheer power of this thing. The H6 is available in Germany now and will be coming to the U.S. this fall—don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted with all of the updates!

The H6 is a side-loading bolt-action rifle that is perfect for anyone involved in hunting and sporting, and even dedicated hobbyists. The barrel is housed within a modular M-Lok fore-end, giving it greater versatility and increased compatibility with other modular systems, such as pieces from Hera’s AR-15 series.

At just 5.5lbs, the H6 is light and easy to maneuver, and man does it feel good holding it in your hands. The adaptability provided by the polymer cheek rest and additional spacer piece—which allows an adjustable length to the buttstock—makes this weapon an incredibly enjoyable experience. And for those looking for something easier to store, our folding stock adapter allows the stock to fold by 180 degrees and is perfect for packing your firearm in tighter spaces.

The H6 comes in black, sand and olive green. Specifications below:

BARREL LENGTH: approx. 46 cm / 18″


TWIST: 1/9




OVERALL LENGTH: 101 cm / 39,7″

WEIGHT: approx. 2500 g / 88 oz

New Product: Complete Upper Halves

Building your dream rifle just got a whole lot easier. For the first time ever, HERA Arms is offering complete upper halves assembled right here in the U.S. Now, instead of going through the tedium of assembling your own upper, let us do the work for you and have a complete upper delivered right to your door, ready to plug and play. 

Whether you’re adding to a firearm you want to upgrade or building your dream rifle from scratch, these top-of-the-line components are readily available to assist you in your goals. We assemble all of our Hera Uppers in-house at Hera’s warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, using 80% Hera parts, (minus the premium U.S.-made barrel) and bolt carrier group BCG. 

Above all, these uppers are easy to add to your firearm and take the guesswork out of assembly. Don’t waste time putting your weapon together when you should be using it—take it out of box, add it to your lower half, and head to the range!

4 Things To Remember When Building Your Own Firearm

Building your own firearm can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. If you’ve never assembled one on your own before, we can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’re well-versed in firearm customization or just starting out, here are some important things to consider when building your dream firearm.

1) Form is function. Everyone wants a weapon that works as good as it looks and looks as good as it feels. Often, these elements are more entwined than we might think. When you’re assembling your firearm, keep in mind that the utility of the components goes beyond their specs, and how those parts feel in your hands can be just as important as how they perform when you pull the trigger.

2) Context is king. When building a custom firearm, it’s important to think not only about what you want it to be able to do now but also about how you might build on it down the line. As tempting as it is to simply purchase the highest-rated components for your firearm, it’s crucial to consider all of the ways in which you’ll be using it. Will this be strictly for hunting? For competition? A combination of things? Are you currently shooting mostly at the range but would like to begin going on more intensive hunting trips in the future? If you consider all of the ways in which you’ll be using your firearm you can ensure that it’s compatible with those activities from the beginning, whether you build it out that way now or simply construct it so that it can be upgraded further on down the line.

3) The devil is in the details. Let’s face it, we all tend to focus on the big ticket items when building out our firearms—what kind of stock do we want to go with? What type of barrel will be best suited to our interests? While these obviously form the foundation of how our firearm will be constructed, let’s not forget that even the smallest components can have an incredible impact on our experience with our firearm. What kind of pistol grip will feel the best once we get out to the range? Does our build necessitate spacers? What about additional hardware? Whatever you’re building, be sure that you don’t overlook the details that can make or break your experience with your weapon.

4) Beyond the basics. Satisfied with your basic design? Why not have a bit more fun? Adding accessories is a great way to further customize your weapon. Not only do accessories provide a variety of practical uses, they also just make the weapon feel a little more unique, a little more “yours.” Whether it’s a new sight or just a different safety selector, adding the final touches can be just what you need to complete the look, feel, and function of your firearm.


  1. David on May 16, 2024 at 11:20 pm

    How can we buy the Hera H6 in the US?

    • Rebecca Johnson on May 20, 2024 at 10:21 am

      Come October it will be available for purchase.

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