What takes a long time turns out really good: the HERA ARMS – H6

About 10 months ago, we announced the new H6 repeating rifle from @ HERA ARMS Germany , but what’s the latest on Hera’s repeating rifle? We’ll give you an update on the revisions and show you all the features of the final version! Get you all the information you need today!


Due to the high volume of customer feedback, HERA Arms went back to the drawing board and incorporated some changes, including elementary ones, into the new H6. The first weapons will be delivered in the spring (which will certainly please the existing fan base).

In the .223 Remington configuration with an 18″ barrel (457 mm), the total length of the weapon system is just under 40 inches and weighs just over six pounds. The setup shown here without the bipod weighs just under eight pounds. A real lightweight!

We were particularly pleased to hear that another variant of the H6 in caliber 300BLK and a shorter barrel will also be available in the foreseeable future. The 7.62 × 35 mm cartridge is ideal for deer hunting and is clearly one of our favorite calibers.

The special feature of the H6 is the polymer chassis, which completely encloses the steel system of the final version. In its original version, the system was made of aluminum. However, since the fan base also wants stronger calibers than .222REM, .223REM. and .300BLK, the high-strength steel material leaves (almost) all options open for medium cartridges.

The HERA H6 can almost be seen as a hybrid of the H7 bolt-action rifle and the AR system; it accommodates all HERA forends (seen here in the latest generation) from MLOK to KeyMod, a hybrid, or a pure RIS stock with the four classic Picatinny rails.

The keen connoisseur will already be familiar with the buttstock from the Hera H7, which is equipped with a folding stock module. If you use this module and fold down the buttstock…

… the total length is reduced to just over 31 inches, a real backpack format.

What is particularly striking is the extremely slim design of the H6, which of course …

… is caused by the distinctive magazine feed on the left side of the housing.

The combination of design and folding stock means that the repeating rifle can be used well in confined spaces and above all…

… for a downward, short distance shot.

The performance when shooting from a backpack is also impressive. Due to the slim shape of the stock, the weapon can be placed close to the shoulder in an extremely stable manner, which enables safe and precise firing.

Initially, the side-mounted magazine seemed cool, but somewhat impractical. However, with repeated use, any initial unfamiliarity faded away. The magazine change can be done without altering the aim since, unlike bottom magazine feeds, the weapon does not need to be tilted. Additionally, the magazine release (not visible here) is ergonomically designed for thumb operation. So, we’re happy to be proven wrong: handling is truly enjoyable!

Even carrying it on a two-point sling in front of the chest is very comfortable. While the weapon doesn’t lie completely flat against the body, the magazine does stabilize the H6 quite comfortably. With a little practice, bringing it to aim and changing the magazine becomes second nature.

The original version of the trigger was probably the point that was most critically assessed by the testers. The secondary safety in front of the trigger was also particularly unusual and was not well received.

HERA responded to the feedback, and the new trigger system is truly impressive: HERA relies entirely on “Made in Franconia” and teamed up with the firearm accessory expert Recknagel to design a trigger specifically for the H6.

The straight, fluted trigger feels really good to the touch and the characteristics of the trigger make the release weight of approx. two pounds seem even lower.

The firing pin safety, which was somewhat cumbersome to operate, has been replaced by an integrated safety in the trigger…

We think that HERA Arms from Triefenstein has achieved great success with the H6. We were already fans of the first generation, but the final version has really surpassed our expectations.

The collaboration with Recknagel for the trigger is the perfect combination of innovation and experience and greatly enhances the H6. Let’s take a look at the setup presented here: With a light Vortex ZF and ERATAC Ultralight mounting, both the sports shooter and the deer stalker benefit from the combination, the only thing missing is a suitable silencer.

If the caliber range is expanded in the future, the possibilities for its use will be almost limitless.

You will be able to get the HERA H6 in Spring 2024 wherever HERA products are sold. Here is the link to the manufacturer:


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