Hera Arms Celebrates Summer’s Last Farewell

September 2023  

Dear Hera Arms Recreational Shooters—and everyone else,  

As the calendar turns again, we gear up for the excitement of welcoming another school year and the vibrant fall season of change and harvest. This time of transition and preparation isn’t just about school buses rolling through the neighborhood or Labor Day barbecues waving a final farewell to hot afternoons; it’s remembering that each new season brings fresh opportunities for us, the Hera Arms community, to pursue our shared passion for finely crafted firearms in different settings.  

I’m Chris Bieling, co-owner and CEO of Hera Arms, and if you’re like me, you’re probably already planning for your next outdoor adventure and hunting trip. As the weather cools, let us help you keep your weapons and hunting tools in peak shape so that, regardless of the season, you’re always ready for your next outing. For you dedicated recreational shooters, embrace this spirit of change, discovery, and camaraderie at the gun ranges before the snow starts to fly.  Just like the colorful hues sweeping up the hillside, I am thrilled to introduce you to three fantastic products that have been meticulously designed to change your shooting experience in the best way.  

The H15G Pistol Grip is no ordinary accessory; it’s an innovation. Built with an ergonomic design, it promises not just comfort but also increased accuracy. Its simplicity in installation, stylish leather, and robust nature makes it a perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Your weapon will be the envy of everyone on the range with this beautiful grip.  

Next is our AR15/M4 Handguard. Lightweight yet robust, its high-grade aluminum construction offers unrivaled durability. Designed to dissipate heat effectively, this accessory provides an amalgamation of style and functionality to your AR15/M4. Protect your hands and extend the time you can spend with your weapon by making it both more safe and more comfortable.  

Finally, our Fixed Buttstock ensures a seamless shooting experience with its snug fit and stable shoulder support. It stands as a testament to Hera Arms’ commitment to comfort, efficiency, and ease of use in all our products. You will be amazed at how the fit and function of this accessory amplifies the fun and stability of your shooting experience.

As we witness the tell-tale signs of autumn, remember that our dedication to the shooting craft brings us together, no matter the temperature. Let’s celebrate our collective efforts to protect our families while basking in the new opportunities of the season’s change. Create new, memorable experiences while pulling triggers—either on the range, or in the hills, woods, and mountains of our beautiful country.

In the coming days, I wish you all a wonderful transition into the new school year, an enjoyable Labor Day weekend, and countless memorable shooting experiences. Remember, at Hera Arms, we’re on this journey together, always aiming for excellence.


Chris Bieling