5.56 NATO / .223 REM CALIBER

Civil 10 round magazine for use in AR-15 / M4 semi-automatic firearms. Specially manufactured for restricted markets, the H3L cannot be rebuilt or converted. Allows legal training with the feel of a 30 round magazine in various states.

Available in Black, Sand and Green.

All HERA polymer products are manufactured on own injection molds in Lower Franconia. Learn more about our production and partners on our NEWS pages.

Material Fiberglass-reinforced Polymer 
Weight 5.89 oz
Colors Black, Sand, Green
Platform AR-15 / M4

Price $ 12.90

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)


Our impact-resistant modified polymer magazines have a stabilized feeder and a mechanical stop so that they cannot be inserted too far when the breech is open.


Our H3 magazine is designed to be used with AR-15 / M4 systems and is compatible with .223 Rem, 5.56×45 NATO and 300BLK ammunition. The H1 mag can also be used on systems using a magazine well that is compatible with the AR-15 / M4 system.


For us, the label Made in Germany is much more than just the place of final assembly. It is proof of quality. As a company with its headquarters in Triefenstein and logistics center in Salt Lake City / Draper, we feel committed to the local art of engineering, to inventiveness and to reliability.

With internal machinery, internal finishing facilities, over 30 active injection molds, and a regional network of suppliers, we clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. In addition to our mechanical production, we boast a constantly growing polymer division. We are one of the few German companies that can almost completely do without purchased parts like rifle stocks (except Magpul PRS), handles or magazines.

We clearly name any AOT (Articles of Trade) OEM or purchased parts that we use. Learn more about our production capacities and partners in our NEWS.