SL8 Stock Conversion Kit Gen.2


MATERIAL: Aluminum / Polymer Hera pistol grip

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Introducing the BCK Gen 2 conversion kit for transforming your SL8 into a G36 look, a Germany-military exclusive firearm. While our kit doesn’t include a buttstock, it seamlessly accommodates the folding Bushmaster ACR or standard M4 stock, with the adapter provided. The entire trigger group is utilized for the conversion, eliminating the need for modification to your base weapon. Unlike alternative conversion kits, welding is unnecessary. Crafted from premium aluminum and polymer in Germany, every component is meticulously manufactured in-house to guarantee quality.


Our conversion kit allows for easy dismantling at any time without compromising durability or performance. While assembly can be completed at home, we recommend consulting a gunsmith, particularly for the transfer of the trigger housing component.


Crafted exclusively for Hera Arms in Franconia, Germany, all HERA polymer products uphold the highest quality and performance standards.

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