CQR GEN2.0 (R) Front Grip GREEN

A state compliant version of the Gen 2 Front Grip


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Designed with professionals and hunters in mind, the HERA CQR Gen 2.0 fore grip perfectly complements the AR-15 platform, enhancing performance on various firearms. When paired with the CQR Gen 2.0 buttstock, it forms one of the most compact and ergonomic fixed-stock systems on the market. Engineered for precision and control, this combination excels in both free-hand shooting and tactical situations.  In order to meet local laws we have added a machined plate blocking off the access hole. The machined polymer plate can be removed if not in a restricted state. Find the unrestricted front grip here


Designed with versatility in mind, the fore-grip incorporates quick detach (QD) eyelets, facilitating swift attachment of a sling swivels featuring a ball lock system. Moreover, its innovative design and high quality polymer effectively suppresses recoil, ensuring enhanced stability and accuracy during rapid fire.


Crafted from impact-modified polymer, the CQR Gen 2.0 fore-grip and buttstock boast lightweight properties without compromising durability, enabling agile maneuverability without sacrificing performance. Available in black, tan, and green, these components offer both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.


Following the remarkable success of the initial CQR Gen 1 release (famed for its appearance in the Tomorrow War) our dedication to innovative firearm furniture led to the development of its successor, the new CQR Gen 2 collection. This latest iteration features a sleeker and more compact design while retaining the ergonomic superiority synonymous with the HERA brand. This front grip is available in the Hera signature black, green and tan


Shop here to complete your custom build firearm with our complete collection of CQR buttstocks.



Crafted exclusively for Hera Arms in Franconia, Germany, all HERA high impact polymer products uphold the highest quality and performance standards.

Additional information

Weight 7.37 oz

polymer, fiber reinforced polymer


Olive drab green, dark green, OD green


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CA compliant, California compliant, California safe, NY compliant, NY safe, New York compliant, New York safe, CA legal, California legal, NY legal, New York legal


MATERIAL: Fiber Reinforced Polymer
WEIGHT: 6 oz


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