CQR Buttstock (Restricted-Version) Black


MATERIAL: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
WEIGHT: 1lb .3 oz
MODEL: CQR Buttstock-Black

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HERA CQR Gen 2.0 stock system. Designed for enthusiasts. Made of impact-modified polymer, the CQR GEN 2.0, in combination with the CQR GEN 2.0 fore grip, offers the most compact and ergonomic fixed stock system for the AR-15 platform. The length of pull sitting at 9″ out of box with the option of extending with the CQR spacers. Fits standard carbine (Mil-Spec) buffertubes, available in black, tan and green. Restricted state versions have a machined plate blocking off the access hole of the butt stock to meet local laws.

All HERA polymer products are manufactured on our own injection molds in Lower Franconia.

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Weight 21.29 oz


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