Rifle Length Adjustable Gas Block System

Gas block and tube system for 0.750″


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Discover the precision-engineered Hera Arms Adjustable Gas Block System (Rifle Length), crafted from premium steel to provide adjustable gas pressure. Whether utilizing reloaded ammunition or employing a silencer, this feature prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the slide and barrel. Fine-tuning the gas pressure is effortless with the included Allen key for optimal performance. Additionally, a secondary screw ensures a secure and locked adjustment.

Each unit comes equipped with a preinstalled stainless steel gas tube for added durability.

  • This AGS is for .750. Available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate your specific needs:
    • .750: Pistol, Carbine, Mid, and Rifle applications
    • .936: Ideal for Mid and Rifle setups

Exclusively crafted for Hera Arms in Franconia, Germany, to maintain the utmost standards of quality and performance.

With the Hera Arms Adjustable Gas Block System, you gain complete control over the gas delivered to your rifle’s action with each shot. This translates to increased reliability, reduced recoil, minimized muzzle rise, less aiming disruption, reduced wear and tear on your rifle, and improved accuracy. Whether you’re using light commercial ammo, higher-pressure mil-spec ammo, shooting in extreme heat or cold, or using a suppressor, you can dial in the perfect gas setting for optimal performance. Experience the difference with Hera Arms – once you try it, you’ll never want to shoot without it.

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Weight 4 oz


WEIGHT: 2.1 oz – 3.1 oz
MODEL: Adjustable Gas Block


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