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Tommorrow War

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Star Wars

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Raised By Wolves

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Hera Arms rifle used in the movie Braven

See Hera Arms in the Media

New Rifles, Hollywood Films & Upgrades For Your Firearm

HERA Germany launches new H6! Once in a while a new opportunity comes along in the firearm industry that blows our fans away! HERA Germany just launched a new rifle, the H6 and fans all over the world are geeking out about this product. Before you ask, no its not available in the US, yet.…

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Hera Arms Steel Nightmare 2022

Hera Steel Nightmare 2022 took place July 15-17, 2022 in Philippsburg. We were there to accompany the event. What started as an idea in 2019 has now become an indispensable competition in sportive shooting. The Hera Steel Nightmare has now been held in Philippsburg for the fourth time in a row, and the event has…

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The Civilian

At this year’s IWA, Hera Arms presented the new “C” generation of self-loading rifles in 9 mm Luger. This series is available in two barrel lengths and is approved for sport shooting in Germany. The company Hera Arms produces AR-15 rifles in caliber .223 Remington and semi-automatic. Due to the legal situation, however, the latter…

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Hera Arms The15th AR-15

Hera Arms from Triefenstein manufactures its own AR rifles with the exception of some small parts, including the barrels (.223: 1/9″ twist) and the components made of polymer. In addition to .223 Remington, 300 BLK and 9 mm Luger calibers are also available. Optionally with or without locking aid and usually equipped with a safety…

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Lower Franconia Shows their claws

Unterfranken zeigen die Pranken Always technologically innovative, HERA Arms from Triefenstein in Lower Franconia, Germany, has recently been particularly active in many fields. We took a closer look at the new 7SIX2 self-loading rifle based on the AR-10 design in .308 Winchester caliber. A brief retrospective: HERA Arms was founded 12 years ago by Thomas…

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In A Nutshell

Kurz Und Gut In the last issue we presented the American Just Right Carbines JRC9 pistol carbine and now we can introduce a German competitor, the HERA Arms “The 9er Sport C”, which attracted a lot of interest at IWA 2018. At first glance, the sleek HERA Arms “The 9er Sport C” pistol combine is…

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New Buttstock

Hera Arms introduces a new buttstock for AR-15 rifles with a thumb hole along with a matching front grip. For a first look, the new stock parts were attached to a handy AR-15 carbine in .300 caliber Whisper. The market for new buttstocks, but especially for the CQR rear stock is most likely to be…

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Our Accomplishments

Started and headquartered in Unterfranken, Germany, HERA Arms products are sold in 51 countries around the globe, including the USA. With eyes set on quality, innovation and style we are proud of the products that enhance your weapons, and continue to elevate the industry.

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