Taking Your AK-47 to the Next Level

Choosing components that are well suited for both your firearm and your own skill and preferences is more important than many realize. When it comes to customizing your AK-47, deciding which buttstock to outfit it with is a crucial decision. The right buttstock will not only elevate the look and feel of your firearm, it can also be a great boon when it comes to your accuracy, precision, and comfort while shooting. Let’s break some of these factors down a little more:

1) Accuracy. Some overlook just how big of a role the right buttstock can play in your accuracy; however, we shouldn’t underestimate its effect on our precision. Choosing a buttstock that fits you is key to maintaining a consistent cheek weld—a must when it comes to accurate shooting. Some buttstocks can even help reduce recoil, helping you stay accurate for consecutive shots.

2) Style. Let’s not kid ourselves, it doesn’t get much cooler than a well-outfitted AK-47. Finding the right look won’t affect your accuracy, but it sure will make owning it that much more enjoyable. No matter your style, there’s sure to be a buttstock that takes the aesthetic of your rifle to the next level. 

3) Customizability. Some buttstocks today are even compatible with other accessories, such as cheek risers and sling mounts. Choosing a buttstock that gives you access to the other customizations you have planned for your weapon is something to consider. 

4) Comfort. Many of us are preoccupied with things like accuracy and style when we choose components for our firearms—and rightfully so. However, we often fail to realize that comfort is just as important. Bruising, shoulder pain, and other problems arising from either a poorly constructed or poorly fitted buttstock can ruin your shooting experience. Take the time to find the right fit for you and you’ll never have to worry about whether you made the right choice.

At the end of the day, your AK-47 should fit your preferences. Take time to find the buttstock that best aligns with your shooting objectives, and find something that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come. 

3 Great Father’s Day Ideas For Firearm-Loving Fathers

Father’s Day will be here soon, and with it, the opportunity to celebrate and honor fathers and father figures around the world. For many of us, the father figures in our lives also happen to be firearm enthusiasts. If that’s true for you you’re in luck, because giving him a Father’s Day that he’ll remember is that much easier. If you’re looking for ideas, consider these options for creating a memorable Father’s Day:

1) Take him on a hunting outing. When it comes to father-son activities, hunting has to be one of the greatest of them all. There’s nothing like getting away from modern civilization and the stresses of everyday life for a while—and there isn’t a dad out there that wouldn’t appreciate that. Some even make a father-son hunting weekend a Father’s Day family tradition!

2) Spend the day at the shooting range. If a hunting outing is a bit too involved or you’re just looking for something a little different, consider taking your dad out to the shooting range for a bit. The shooting range is a great place to spend time having fun doing something he loves—while still getting him home in time for Father’s Day dinner!

3) Get him a gift. Another great way to give back and show appreciation is to get him a gift related to his firearm passion. Maybe it’s a new front grip or hand guard, or even a rifle chassis. Whatever you decide on, there’s no better way to show appreciation to the father in your life than a thoughtful gift that he’ll love for years to come. 

Ultimately, however you spend your Father’s Day, the most important thing is honoring the fathers in our lives that have given us so much. And if you’re a father yourself—enjoy the day, you deserve it!