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Hera Arms rifle

CQR Buttstock
The HERA CQR stock system is made of impact-modified polymer and, in combination with the CQR fore grip, offers the most compact and ergonomic fixed stock system for the AR15/AR10 platform.

Upper Receiver
The Hera Arms Upper Receiver is manufactured on the best equipment possible to ensure a tight fit and that all dimensions are met.

Dust Cover
Our standard AR15 Dust Cover is both lightweight and durable while providing an adjustable ball plunger featuring an easy-to-install polymer pin and adjustable locking ball.

Hera handguards are easy to assemble, extremely light and, thanks to Hera's own barrel retaining nut, all HERA handguards are mutually compatible and interchangeable.

HERA CC 3-chamber is a sport compensator with additional relief holes to reduce upwards stroke. Thanks to the consistent manufacturing and close cooperation with practitioners and users, it’s one of the best compensators on the market.

Selector Switch
Our Multi-Purpose Safety Selector (MPSS) allows an individual configuration of the safety lever. The MPSS is supplied including 5 different safety levers and three caps in three colors which can be combined with one another as required.  

10 round magazine for use in semi-automatic firearms of the AR15 / M4 series. Our impact-modified polymer magazines have a stabilized feeder and a mechanical stop so they can’t be inserted too far when the lock is open.

CQR Front Grip
In combination with the CQR buttstock, this fore-grip offers one of the most compact and comfortable fixed-stock systems for the AR15/AR10 platform, which is not only perfect for free-hand shooting, but also for mobile use.

“This is the most comfortable stock I have
and I have more than a few.”
- 5 Stars Happy Customer

Our Accomplishments

Started and headquartered in Unterfranken, Germany, HERA Arms products are sold in 51 countries around the globe, including the USA. With eyes set on quality, innovation and style we are proud of the products that enhance your weapons, and continue to elevate the industry.


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