SHOT Show, H6 Buzz and an Homage to President’s Day

Las Vegas Shot Show

Dear Hera Community,

Are you ready to finally slough off winter? We are!!

We are so thrilled to let you know about a few Hera USA announcements. In this newsletters you’ll get to hear about our recent adventure at the Las Vegas Shot Show, updates regarding the import of our new H6 rifle, and a special nod to our nation’s great leaders for President’s Day.

On our website, we have specialized pages for different gun enthusiasts! This month we want to highlight our law enforcement and military personnel. We have a wide variety of products that are perfect for you. Come check it out.

We are glad you are part of our community and are looking forward to the opportunities coming in 2024. We hope you join us for the ride!


Chris Bieling

Shot Show2024 floor
Shot Show 2024 floor

2024 Las Vegas SHOT Show

Thank you so much for those who stopped by the Las Vegas SHOW Show!! Imagine the energy of Vegas, pumped with the adrenaline from vendors from around the world. We loved connecting with our customers and friends. We brought two H6 rifles to show off.

The question we keep getting is, “When can we order these new rifles?”

The answer is soon.

We are already seeing wild enthusiasm for the new weapon and have been featured in the online magazine All 4 Shooters.

You Can Check It Out Here >>

A Salute to Progress

February is a month to honor our nation’s presidents and the instrumental leaders who stood at the helm of a new government. But they didn’t stand alone.

We recognize all the great men and women who have contributed to and continue to shape our country. I extend my warmest regards to all our nation’s devoted professionals—military, law enforcement, and beyond. You make a difference in the land we love!

We honor our military and law enforcement for being willing to serve the American people. We pause this time of year to pay homage to the progress we’ve made in this country. Hera continues to provide professional grade firearms accessories and rifles (coming soon) to our valued service men and women.

Happy President's Day!!

H6 rifle and accessories

The Hera H6 Makes It's American Debut

We have exciting news for you! January 2024 marked the official introduction of our long-anticipated H6 bolt-action rifle. For the first time, attendees at the Las Vegas SHOT Show could experience this state-of-the-art rifle. This innovative firearm features a one-piece steel receiver, a laser-welded bolt handle, and a competition trigger in this side-loading rifle. The H6 will be available in three colors, in .300 Blackout and .223/wylde, with your choice of either a 16 and 18-inch barrel length options. It represents progress - steps in the right direction to improve competition performance. We are expecting this to be available to the public Fall of 2024.

Stay tuned for more details! >>

Featured Accessories

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Las Vegas Shot Show

SHOT Show, H6 Buzz and an Homage to President’s Day

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