Voyaging into a world of Innovation

Dear Hera Arms Community,

As Columbus Day approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the spirit of discovery. Christopher Columbus embarked on a journey into the unknown and sought alternative options to enhance his quality of life. Hobbyists and DIY gunsmiths do the same when they delve into the intricacies of firearms. It’s me again, Chris Bieling—the co-owner and CEO of Hera Arms—and this month, I want to reach out to those of you with a keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting something truly unique during this time of year.

Being a hobbyist or DIY gunsmith isn’t just about tinkering with parts; it’s about voyaging into a world of innovation and engineering, just like Columbus. It’s about rediscovering firearms in an unprecedented way and setting a course for others to follow. At Hera Arms, we understand this quest for individuality and leadership.

Unleash your inner explorer! Dive deeply into the world of firearms customization. Create and adorn a weapon so distinct that your friends will not only admire it but also respect the heart and dedication you’ve invested in your weapons. With Hera Arms’ premium parts, you don’t just build; we help you engineer an extension of your personality.

This month, as you celebrate this spirit of discovery and inventiveness, enjoying the full range of fall activities, we’re here to spotlight distinct products that will set you apart as an adventure seeker and enhance your shooting experience:

CC Sports Compensators—Enhance your shooting experience with these eye-catching compensators, designed to provide a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Tame your firearm’s recoil and enjoy improved accuracy with every shot. A must-have for the hobbyist aiming for precision.

CQR Buttstock, Gen 2—A fusion of style and substance. Experience ergonomic excellence with the Gen 2 model, which not only offers better shoulder placement but also gives your firearm an undeniable edge in aesthetics.



CQR Front Grip Gen 2—The Gen 2 evolution of our renowned CQR Front Grip offers you a more comfortable grip, resulting in better control and stability. It’s not just a grip; it’s an upgrade to your entire shooting experience.

AR15/M4 Handguard—Crafted for the discerning gunsmith. Ensure your firearm’s barrel remains cool and safe with our top-tier handguards, designed specifically for the AR15/M4. Their robustness and sleek design make them a favorite among hobbyists.

H1 Magazine—Reliability meets design with the H1 Magazine. As you engineer your perfect firearm, ensure it’s equipped with a magazine that promises consistent feeding and longevity. Every round will count, and with the H1, each one is assured.



Embrace the spirit of Columbus Day! Explore these exceptional options to bring your shooting to the next level. Discover the vast ocean of possibilities with Hera Arms, curate your firearm, and let the world marvel at your creation. Here’s to new horizons in firearm customization and to you, our dedicated hobbyists, who make this journey possible and worthwhile.

Warm Regards and Happy Exploration,

Chris Bieling