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HERA was founded in 2008 in Lower Franconia, Germany, by Thomas Nöth. After just two years, we were able to expand into the European and US markets. In 2016 HERA USA, LLC was founded in SLC, Utah by Chris Bieling, and we expanded our presence in the US market.

HERA began as a company that wanted to provide rifles and accessories to the common citizen. HERA provides new, alternative options for their weapons that still adhere to the strict laws in Germany and the EU. Our founders are driven by giving people access to the most reliable and ergonomic equipment that will help them improve their shooting experience no matter where they are in the world. 

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HERA operates in all EU countries, North America, South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia, serving more than 30 countries around the world.

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In House research, development, product design, and manufacturing

Our entire process is performed onsite from research and development, to product design and manufacturing.

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Hollywood Films that showcase HERA Arms

 HERA products are featured in more than 5 Hollywood films, including Amazons, The Tomorrow War and HBOs Raised by Wolves, with several new movies that will feature our products currently in production.


At HERA Arms we believe in 3 pillars of core values.

Here at HERA, we provide our customers with products that are always reliable, modern, and of the highest quality available. Those features make up the core values that we constantly strive for in all areas of our business. To maintain those values, not just in our products but in every interaction with our customers, we work to be deeply involved in the firearms community. To support our fellow enthusiasts as well as to continue to develop new products that fit the needs of the current market, we listen to weapon owners’ opinions and needs and apply what we learn to each of our products.

All HERA products are designed to be reliable and ergonomic. We never sacrifice quality and always aim for the best gear available.

Our goal is to craft exceptional tactical gear that looks and feels incredible and modern both in performance and appearance.

From research and development to manufacturing and production, we handle every step in-house to ensure the highest quality for every product.


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“At the end of the day, HERA Arms is a hidden gem. The German gun makers offer several excellent tactical accessories which are moderately priced and pretty accessible. Because most of these components and attachments are innovative and quite distinctive, they can be a great way to boost your gun’s performance and appearance.”

- Sam M

“This is the most comfortable stock I have and I have more than a few. My wife likes hers as well. The reach is compact out of the box but can be extended if needed.  I have several of these and would probably buy another if I do another build.”

 - 5 Stars

HERA Arms CQR Featureless Stock AR-15 A2 Rifle Polymer

“Great products and services. I can't wait to see what they come out with next.”

 - Joe Wesson (Facebook)

Hera Arms Logo - White

“I have to say I LOVE my Hera Arms Cqr stock. Added the extension and it is amazing. Love shooting even more now.  Looks great, Feels great and is simply awesome. Thank you for putting out a great product.”

 - Bassman Dan (Facebook)